Data Logging

Data logging during environmental simulation tests

You would like to record and analyse the signals of your specimen during a vibration or temperature test. No problem. We can record and analyse a multitude of signals with our wide range of measuring equipment.

Also we provide special measuring systems for example our MicroCut-analysis and detection system (MICADS) with which we can detect contact breaks from 100ns on.

If you need special data aquisition or event based actions, we can adapt our universal usable measuring systems using LabView applications to your requirements.



Acoustic Measurement

Acoustic measurement for noise analysis

You would like to analyse the acoustic characteristics of your product?

We have the possibility to analyse products, which generates noise activ or only with vibration stimulation.

By use of a low noise fatigue testing machine in combination with our acoustic measuring system, we can stimulate the test structure and measure the airborne sound caused by the produced. A special acoustic chamber is fading out most of  the ambient noise and provides a testing environment with pretty few reflections,too. Of course its possible to combine air- and structure-borne noise.

Optical Vibration Measurement

Optical vibration measurement with the 3D Laser-Doppler-Vibrometer

With this contact free measuring method we are able to perform vibration measurements which are not realizable with conventional acceleration sensors. So that different tasks are thinkable for this application. Equal if you want to examine smallest components, whose vibration behaviour will be influenced by the added sensors mass, or if you want to examine test points on or inside your product, which are difficult to access.

Every test point can be three-dimensonal examined according to its vibrational behaviour.

The vibrometer is flexible applicable and can be used on our electrodynamic shakers as well as on-site-operation.

On-site vibration measurement

On-site vibration measurement

Regardless if on motor cycle test stands, bumpy roads or special machines, with our mobile multi channel measuring system and our long lasting know-how, we are able to measure,record and analyse on-site, environmental and working stress of your part under real conditions.

There are multitudes of analysing methods, equal if the measurement data is provided by you or they where measured by vibtec. Therefore we are able to make a detailed analysis of the vibration behaviour. Herefrom we can generate especially for your product and its real stress verified test plans for endurance tests or we can give you an understanding of the vibration behaviour from your product by visualization of its operational deflection shapes.