Vibration Testing

Vibration Tests

You would like to test your product on its mechanical strengh? We would like to do this test or the frequency analysis for you. Depending on the testing profil, the dimensions and the mass we can offer several fatigue testing systems.

Electrodynamic fatigue testing systems:

With our high-quality equipment and the large scaled laboratory we can implement variable vibration profiles also with large products. An overlay with temperature or climatic profiles is available on every endurance test stand.

It´s also possible that your product can be actuated (electrical, pneumatical, hydraulical, etc.) by time or temperature and monitored (contact, voltage, etc.). Two other fatigue testing machines can be used flexible for measuring tasks at room temperature.

Hydraulic fatigue testing systems:

For the testing of products with large dimensions (e.g. railway supply industry) a hydraulic testing system is available. The flexibility of the testing system allows a special for your product designed and manufactured fixture in which your product is screwed just as in the real working position.

Characteristic values fatigue testing systems:

Clamping area slip table (horizontal): 1200 x 1200 mm
Clamping area Headexpander (vertical):1200 x 1200 mm
Schearing force max.:111 kN
Frequency range: 5 to 3000Hz
Amplitude max.:  up to 76,2 mm
Temperature range: -70 to 180°C
Temperature changing rate:15K/min



Characteristic values hydraulic fatigue testing systems:

Clamping area horizontal:2500 x 2500 mm
Clamping area vertikal:2500 x 2500 mm
Schearing force max.:150 kN
Frequency range:0 to 150Hz
Amplitude max.:150 mm
Temperature range:Room temperature



Climate and temperature testing

Climate and temperature testing

With our climate and temperature chambers we can test your product on all current standards. For tests with a very high temperature gradient, we have so called temperature shock chambers available. In which the test object can be exposed with maximum temperature differences.

Parallel your product can be actuated (electrical pneumatical or hydraulical) and monitored.

Characteristic values climate and temperature chambers:
Temperature range:-70°C to +180°C
Humidity range:

10% rel.F to 95% rel.F

Usable test room (BxHxT):up to 1100 x 950 x 950 mm
Temperature gradient:up to 15K/min
Characteristic values temperature shock chambers:
Relocation time

< 10s

Temperature range:-80°C to 220°C
Characteristic value walk-in climate chamber
Temperature range-50°C to +150°C
Humidity range10% r.F. to 95% r.F.
Temperature gradient

2K/min  -40°C to +85°C

Test room 8m3 (WxHxD)2000x2000x2000 mm
Max. load of testing room ground

10000N/m2 (<4000kg)


Function and Lifetime-Testing

Function and Lifetime-Testing

If you would like to test the function of your product on a desired lifetime, we can offer you executing the test as well as developing and engineering the test stand. In our laboratory the test can be performed with overlayed environmental impacts such as vibration, temperature or humidity. Parallel your product can be actuated (electrical pneumatical or hydraulical) and monitored. We would like to support you creating suitable testing profiles.

Complete Testing

Complete testing

If you want to qualify your product for series production readiness, we can offer you fulfillment. We work together with some selected partner-laboratories, so that tests which can´t be performed at vibtec, will be executed at our partners. Here you benefit from our long lasting experience and contacts in various sectors of complete testing.