Vibration Fixtures

Computer-aided design and manufacturing of vibration-fixtures

Because of our wide experience in realization of vibration tests, we have the competence in designing and manufacturing of vibration fixtures.

Subject to your procuct and the required vibration profile, we are able to design the optimal solution for your testing fixture. By using FEM-Analysis we can verify the vibration behaviour. Gladly, we would take the production of your testing fixture for you.

The spectrum of our former implemented vibration fixtures lasts from the carrier of sub miniature electricial contacts to massive assemblies in railway technology.


FEM-supported modal analysis

Before the production of a vibration fixture or a product, we can calculate the vibration behaviour, with the assistance of a numerical algorithm for modal analysis.

Based on the CAD-model, resonances and their frequency range can be evaluated. Through a modified constructive design critical resonances could be moved out of the testing frequency range.

The results of the modal analysis and the derived modular forms can be diagrammed and aniamted.

Function and Lifetime-Tests

Engineering and construction of function- and lifetime test stands

Did you know how long your product will operate perfectly ? If not, we would like to engineer and produce the corresponding test stand for you , which supports you answering this question. The stock width of the already from vibtec implemented function and lifetime test stands goes across all kinds of mechatronical products. Dependent on your product the number of load cycles on every test stand can vary from a few hundreds to several millions . We would like to execute the test under climatical conditions for you, too.

Examples of successful produced test stands are:

  • keystroke-test stands
  • pan-test stands for  movable displays
  • Lifetime test stand for adhesive bonds (with overlayed temperarture)
  • Alternating pressure test stand for pneumatic and hydraulic operating products.

With you, we would like to design and produce the specific test stand, you need to qualify your product.

Vibration Testing Units

Development and construction of vibration test stands

In addition to the different temperature tests, more and more vibration tests for stress screening were used in the production process. Because of this, early failures of the product can be detected - caused by bad solder joints  bad plug connections, dirt etc. - which couldn´t be realized through simply function tests. Vibtec develops and builds vibration test stands according to the specifications and requirements of their customers.

Particular value is laid on easy and safe handling, as well as the flexibility of the testing system. Of course it is possible to integrate the test stand in the database of the customer.